Lightning Protection International
Lightning Protection International


For many decades, the principals and senior management of LPI have been providing specialist lightning protection advice to customers in some of the most lightning prone areas of the world. Our personnel have extensive experience in risk management, system design, training, installation, certification, and commissioning of systems in a wide variety of industry groups including:

  •  Industrial Facilities
  •  Aviation – Civil and Military
  •  Petrochemical – Oil and Gas
  •  High-rise Buildings and Hotels
  •  Telecommunications and Broadcasting
  •  Sporting Centres, Golf Courses, Race Tracks, Stadiums
  •  Mining – Coal, Gold, Nickel, Iron, Copper, Bauxite etc.
  •  Defence – Communications, Surveillance and Ammunition Storage
  •  Power Generation and Distribution
  •  Rail and Other Transport Systems
  •  Monuments and Historical Sites

LPI maintains a third party Quality Management System to ISO9001:2000. The company has been recognised within Australia for its outstanding export successes and has been awarded several prestigious export awards.

LPI’s product range is designed and manufactured to meet compliance with international standards where possible. Such standards and approvals applicable to LPI products include: UL, IEC, NF C 17-102 (2011), IEEE and AS/NZS 1768-2007.

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