Mr Frank Pontes

Director and Principal Engineer, C5 Pro Solutions

Frank Pontes is the Director and Principal Engineer of C5 Pro-Solutions specialising in primary electrical design. Frank graduated from the University of Tasmania in 2006. He was awarded Charted Engineering in 2015 and later received his Master’s in 2016. His engineering career started in the electrical utility sector before moving into consulting, where he worked on local, national and international projects for public and private asset owners.

Frank’s expertise also expands into primary testing, earth testing, distribution design, lightning design, asset management, software development and project management.

After a successful career in both public and private consulting, Frank now leads C5’s engineering design, testing and innovations group and has a passion for developing engineering solutions.

Frank is currently involved with the University of Tasmania’s engineering school, providing technical presentations, overseeing various projects and leading the business integration program for young engineers into the work force.

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Standard Distribution and Earthing Design

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