Mr Garth Brown

Practice Leader - Earthing, AECOM

Garth Brown is a power engineer with 30 years’ experience that includes extensive experience in earthing design, construction, commissioning, asset management, testing, for electricity generation, lines businesses, mining, rail and petrochemical industries in New Zealand, Australia, Africa, Asia and SE Asia.

He uses CDEGS and other software tools including some written by himself that have been peer reviewed.

He has assisted in the drafting and reviewing of earthing standards for various organisations and has run seminars on earthing.

He is a presently employed at AECOM as Technical Director – Energy and is the New Zealand earthing practice lead for a specialist earthing team centred mostly in Christchurch and some members also in Auckland and Wellington.  The team undertakes testing, earthing design, EPR studies, insulation coordination, lightning protection, EMF, LFI, and cathodic protection studies.  His consultancy work includes projects in New Zealand, Australia, SE Asia and Europe.

My Sessions

Design Guidelines to Address Transferred EPR at Distribution Transformers

Room 1

Mitigating the risk of an equipotential rise voltage arising on the HV side of an 11kV:415V or 22kV:415V distribution transformer being transferred to the LV network is traditionally by either ensuring that the resistance to earth of a combined HV and LV earth is very low often by using a number of parallel earths, or […]

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