Mr Jason Styles

Director, PowerEarth Technologies

Jason Styles is a Director of PowerEarth with 18 years experience in design and commissioning of earthing and power systems associated with HV transmission, distribution substations, Rail Traction, Transport Infrastructure & Water Utility Infrastructure.

Experience includes:

  • Design of transmission and distribution substation earthing systems,
  • Integrated design of AC Earthing and Rail Traction System earthing arrangements, accounting for AC & DC touch potential, electrolysis and EMC requirements,
  • Commissioning of HV transmission and distribution substation earthing systems via current injection testing,
  • ACA (NSW) Certified Corrosion Tester,
  • Design of substation lightning protection systems,
  • AC interference / LFI studies and mitigation designs for water and gas pipelines,
  • Highly proficient in the use of CDEGS software,
  • Soil Resistivity Testing,
  • Supervising design engineers, Testing engineers and technical drafters,
  • Project  and Contract Management.

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Rail Traction Performance System Earthing

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